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Fairwinds Brands offers Greek organizations a unique engagement revenue-share model that leverages sophisticated story-telling via a subscription wine club and lifestyle brand to engage with their alumni & alumnae members.

Our Greek Brands

Sigma Chi

Sigma Chi (ΣΧ) International Fraternity is one of the largest social fraternities in North America. The fraternity has 244 active chapters across the United States and Canada and has initiated more than 350,000 members. The fraternity was founded on June 28, 1855, at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, by members who split from the Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity.

Alpha Phi

Alpha Phi International Women’s Fraternity (ΑΦ, also known as APhi) is an international sorority with 175 active collegiate chapters and over 250,000 initiated members. Founded at Syracuse University in Syracuse, New York on September 18, 1872, it is the fourth Greek-letter organization founded for women, and the first women’s fraternity founded in the northeast.

Pi Kappa Alpha

Pi Kappa Alpha, commonly known as PIKE, is a college fraternity founded at the University of Virginia in 1868. The fraternity has over 225 chapters and colonies across the United States and abroad with over 15,500 undergraduate members and over 300,000 lifetime initiates.

Gamma Phi Beta

Gamma Phi Beta (ΓΦΒ, also known as GPhi or Gamma Phi) is an international college sorority. It was founded in Syracuse University in 1874, and was the first of the Greek organizations to call itself a sorority. Gamma Phi Beta listed more than 200,000 initiated members, 130 chartered collegiate chapters and more than 155 alumnae groups in the United States and Canada.

Kappa Sigma

Kappa Sigma (ΚΣ), commonly known as Kappa Sig, is an American collegiate social fraternity founded at the University of Virginia in 1869. Kappa Sigma is one of the five largest international fraternities with currently 318 active chapters and colonies in North America. Its endowment fund, founded in 1919, has donated more than $5 million to undergrads since 1948.

Sigma Phi Epsilon

Sigma Phi Epsilon (ΣΦΕ), commonly known as SigEp, is a social college fraternity for male college students in the United States. It was founded on November 1, 1901, at Richmond College (now the University of Richmond), and its national headquarters remains in Richmond, Virginia. It was founded on three principles: Virtue, Diligence, and Brotherly Love (often abbreviated as “VDBL”). Sigma Phi Epsilon is one of the largest social fraternities in the United States in terms of current undergraduate membership.

Alpha Tau Omega

Alpha Tau Omega (ΑΤΩ), commonly known as ATO, is an American social fraternity founded at the Virginia Military Institute in 1865 by Otis Allen Glazebrook. The fraternity has around 250 active and inactive chapters and colonies in the United States and has initiated more than 229,000 members.

Kappa Alpha Order

Kappa Alpha Order (KA), commonly known as Kappa Alpha or simply KA, is a social fraternity and a fraternal order founded in 1865 at Washington College in Lexington, Virginia. As of December 2015, the Kappa Alpha Order lists 133 active chapters, and five provisional chapters. Along with Alpha Tau Omega and Sigma Nu, the order represents a third of the Lexington Triad. Since its establishment in 1865, The Order has initiated more than 150,000 members.

Delta Gamma

Delta Gamma (ΔΓ), commonly known as DG, is a sorority in the United States and Canada with over 250,000 initiated members. It has 151 collegiate chapters in the United States and Canada and more than 200 alumnae groups.

Alpha Delta Pi

Alpha Delta Pi (ΑΔΠ), commonly known as ADPi (/AY-dee-peye/), is an International Panhellenic sorority founded on May 15, 1851, at Wesleyan College in Macon, Georgia. Alpha Delta Pi is a member of the National Panhellenic Conference, which is the governing council of its 26 member sororities.

Theta Chi

Theta Chi (ΘΧ) is an international college fraternity. It was founded on April 10, 1856 at Norwich University in Norwich, Vermont, and has initiated more than 191,000 members and currently has over 8,000 undergraduate members across North America.

Delta Zeta

Delta Zeta (ΔΖ, also known as DZ) is an international college sorority founded on October 24, 1902, at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. Delta Zeta has 170 collegiate chapters in the United States and Canada, and over 200 alumnae chapters in Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States. As of 2013, there are over 244,400 college and alumnae members, making them the third largest sorority in the nation (after Alpha Delta Pi and Chi Omega)

Kappa Alpha Theta

Kappa Alpha Theta (ΚΑΘ), also known simply as Theta, is an international Greek-letter fraternity for women founded on January 27, 1870, at DePauw University, formerly Indiana Asbury. Kappa Alpha Theta is a sorority on multiple college campuses and was the first Greek-letter fraternity for women. The organization currently has 147 chapters at colleges and universities in the United States and Canada. The organization was the first women’s fraternity to establish a chapter in Canada. Theta’s total living initiated membership, as of 2020, was more than 250,000. There are more than 200 alumnae chapters and circles worldwide.

Tri Sigma

Sigma Sigma Sigma (ΣΣΣ), also known as Tri Sigma, is a national American women’s sorority. Once a sorority exclusively for teacher’s/educational colleges, Tri Sigma became a full NPC member in 1951 and, as a social sorority, now admits members without limits based on major. The sorority counts a membership of more than 125,000 women, hosts chapters on more than 112 college campuses, and maintains over 90 alumnae chapters. The sorority’s own headquarters are located in Woodstock, Virginia.

Sigma Kappa

Sigma Kappa (ΣΚ, also known as SK or Sig Kap) is a sorority founded on November 9, 1874 at Colby College in Waterville, Maine. In 1874, Sigma Kappa was founded by five women: Mary Caffrey Low Carver, Elizabeth Gorham Hoag, Ida Mabel Fuller Pierce, Frances Elliott Mann Hall and Louise Helen Coburn. The sorority has initiated 172,000 members, has 122 collegiate chapters, and has over 110 alumnae chapters. It is officially partnered with the Maine Sea Coast Mission to raise money for the Mission’s programs, and it also includes gerontology with an emphasis on Alzheimer’s disease and research its other initiatives.

Delta Tau Delta

Delta Tau Delta (ΔΤΔ), commonly known as Delt, is a United States-based international Greek letter college fraternity. Delta Tau Delta was founded at Bethany College, Bethany, Virginia, (now West Virginia) in 1858. The fraternity currently has around 130 collegiate chapters and colonies nationwide, with an estimated 10,000 undergraduate members and over 170,000 lifetime members.

Alpha Chi Omega

Alpha Chi Omega (ΑΧΩ, also known as Alpha Chi or A Chi O) is a national women’s fraternity founded on October 15, 1885. As of 2018, there are 194 collegiate and 279 alumnae chapters represented across the United States, and the fraternity counts more than 230,000 members initiated through its history.

Alpha Sigma Phi

Alpha Sigma Phi (ΑΣΦ), commonly known as Alpha Sig, is a collegiate men’s social fraternity with 179 active chapters. Founded at Yale in 1845, it is the 10th oldest greek letter fraternity in the United States. Its Latin motto is Causa Latet Vis Est Notissima (“The cause is hidden, the results well-known”).

Sigma Alpha Epsilon

Sigma Alpha Epsilon (ΣΑΕ), commonly known as SAE, is a North American Greek-letter social college fraternity. It was founded at the University of Alabama on March 9, 1856. Of all existing national social fraternities today, Sigma Alpha Epsilon is the only one founded in the Antebellum South. Its national headquarters, the Levere Memorial Temple, was established on the campus of Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois, in 1929.

Pi Kappa Phi

Pi Kappa Phi (ΠΚΦ) commonly known as Pi Kapp(s), is an American Greek Letter secret and social fraternity. It was founded by Andrew Alexander Kroeg Jr., Lawrence Harry Mixson, and Simon Fogarty Jr. on December 10, 1904 at the College of Charleston in Charleston, South Carolina. The fraternity has 187 active chapters (168 chartered chapters and 19 associate chapters), and more than 113,000 initiated members.

Alpha Sigma Alpha

Alpha Sigma Alpha (ΑΣΑ) is a United States National Panhellenic sorority founded on November 15, 1901, at the Virginia State Female Normal School (later known as Longwood College and now known as Longwood University) in Farmville, Virginia.
Once a sorority exclusively for teacher’s educational colleges, Alpha Sigma Alpha became a full member of the National Panhellenic Conference in 1951, and, as a social sorority, now admits members without limits based on major. There are currently over 175 chapters of Alpha Sigma Alpha nationwide with more than 120,000 members.

Sigma Pi

Sigma Pi (ΣΠ) is collegiate fraternity with 233 chapters at American universities. As of 2021 the fraternity had more than 5,000 undergraduate members and more than 110,000 alumni. Sigma Pi headquarters are in Nashville, Tennessee. The fraternity was founded on February 26, 1897 by William R Kennedy, James T Kingsbury, George M Patterson, Rolin R James at Vincennes University. The group was initially known by the Greek letters Tau Phi Delta (ΤΦΔ), but was renamed Sigma Pi in 1907.

Theta Phi Alpha

Theta Phi Alpha (ΘΦΑ), commonly known as Theta Phi, is a women’s fraternity founded at the University of Michigan – Ann Arbor on August 30, 1912. Theta Phi Alpha is one of 26 national sororities recognized in the National Panhellenic Conference. Today, Theta Phi Alpha has 59 active chapters across the United States.

Kappa Kappa Gamma

Kappa Kappa Gamma (ΚΚΓ), also known simply as Kappa or KKG, is a collegiate sorority, founded at Monmouth College in Monmouth, Illinois, United States. Kappa has a total membership of more than 260,000 women, with 140 collegiate chapters in the United States and Canada and 307 alumnae associations worldwide. Kappa Kappa Gamma is considered a women’s fraternity because it was founded before the term “sorority” was created, but is commonly referred to as a sorority because it only admits women. The fraternity is a founding member of the National Panhellenic Conference (NPC), an umbrella organization that includes 26 American sororities.

Alpha Kappa Lambda

Alpha Kappa Lambda (ΑΚΛ), commonly known as AKL or Alpha Kapp, is an American collegiate social fraternity founded at the University of California, Berkeley, in 1914. Today, it operates approximately 30 active chapters and has approximately 28,000 living initiated members.

Alpha Sigma Tau

Alpha Sigma Tau (ΑΣΤ) is a national sorority founded on November 4, 1899, at Eastern Michigan University (formerly Michigan State Normal College). Today the sorority has 83 active collegiate chapters at a variety of colleges and universities around the U.S. and over 65,000+ lifetime members.

Alpha Omicron Pi

Alpha Omicron Pi, commonly known as AOII, is an international women’s fraternity founded on January 2, 1897, at Barnard College on the campus of Columbia University in New York City. Alpha Omicron Pi has 134 active collegiate chapters and 159 active alumnae chapters in Canada and the U.S.A.

Sigma Delta Tau

Sigma Delta Tau is a national sorority and member of the National Panhellenic Conference. Today, Sigma Delta Tau has over 70,000 initiates from 105 chapters around the United States.

Tri Delta

Delta Delta Delta, also known as Tri Delta, is an international women’s fraternity founded on November 27, 1888 at Boston University by Sarah Ida Shaw, Eleanor Dorcas Pond, Isabel Morgan Breed, and Florence Isabelle Stewart. With over 200,000 living initiates, Tri Delta is one of the largest National Panhellenic Conference sororities.

Phi Mu

Phi Mu is the second oldest female fraternal organization established in the United States. Today, Phi Mu has 136 active collegiate chapters, 137 active alumnae chapters, and more than 187,000 initiated sisters. In its 170-year history, Phi Mu has chartered over 228 chapters.

Alpha Epsilon Phi

Alpha Epsilon Phi (ΑΕΦ or AEPhi) is an American national sorority and part of the National Panhellenic Conference. It is the second Jewish sorority formed in the United States.

Delta Kappa Epsilon

Delta Kappa Epsilon, commonly known as DKE or Deke, is one of the oldest fraternities in the United States, with fifty-six active chapters and five active colonies across North America. It was founded at Yale College in 1844 by fifteen sophomores who were discontent with the existing fraternity order on campus.

Phi Gamma Delta

Phi Gamma Delta, commonly known as Fiji, is a social fraternity with more than 144 active chapters and 10 colonies across the United States and Canada. It was founded at Jefferson College, Pennsylvania, in 1848.

Phi Kappa Psi

Phi Kappa Psi, commonly known as Phi Psi, is an American collegiate social fraternity that was founded at Jefferson College in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania in 1852. The fraternity has over ninety chapters at accredited four-year colleges and universities throughout the United States.