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Fairwinds Brands offers professional sports teams a unique engagement revenue-share model that leverages sophisticated story-telling via a subscription wine club and lifestyle brand.

Sample Sports Brands

New Jersey Devils

Jersey isn’t just a place on the map!

To celebrate the 40th season of New Jersey Devils hockey, we are excited to launch the Horns & Tail Wine Club.

Honoring significant moments, locations and icons of Devils past, these first three wines celebrate, the rich history of the famed horned and tailed NJ that we proudly wear across our chest.


In honor of the original owners of AFL franchises, our wine club is proudly called The Foolish Club. These handcrafted premium wines will honor the iconic Tennessee Titans and the city and state that we’re proud to call home.

We offer a toast to the great people of Tennessee, the loyal Titans fans, the memory of Bud Adams, and everyone with the courage to buck convention and boldly chase their wild dreams.

These handcrafted premium wines will honor the iconic Tennessee Titans and the city and state that we’re proud to call home.

This exclusive club will provide members the opportunity to receive three or six premium Napa Valley wine bottles twice a year along with other special benefits.

Pittsburgh Penguins

A Great Day Napa Valley will celebrate all it means to be a Penguins fan, helping toast to all of those commemorative moments, both on and off the ice.

Certain things in life make every occasion better, and can help make every day a Great Day. That is why no matter the day, it is always a Great Day for Hockey.

It’s a communal feeling, one that organically brings the urge to raise a glass, so whether it’s for hockey or for wine, it’s always a Great Day.

Don’t miss out getting in on the ground floor to experience these handcrafted limited production Napa Valley wines!

Indiana Pacers

Wine Club Membership Celebrates the Indiana Pacers, Fans, and Community.

Ask anyone, and they’ll tell you that Indiana is a basketball state. The excitement in the air during basketball season is special here. Memories are made in everything from the smallest gymnasiums to the best venue in the world to see basketball, Gainbridge Fieldhouse in downtown Indianapolis.

If you could bottle that excitement, there’d be a line as long as the Wabash River ready to experience it. Honoring a rich lineage of beloved teams and iconic moments, 1967 Cellars has bottled some of the great moments in Indiana Pacers history and is excited to share those bottles with Pacers Nation to create their own new memories.